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  1. D

    New macaw mom to this girl- seeking to understand this behavior

    Hi everyone! Hope someone has insight to share- TIA :) A week ago we brought home this beautiful, traumatized, very timid B&G girl of 30years. She seems to be settling in ok, in that she is eating, sleeping, preening, taking snacks from my hand, even making some noise and saying hello, which...
  2. shelby.pax

    Pionus hasn't left cage

    I recently adopted a 7 year old blue-headed pionus. It's been a week and he hasn't left his cage once despite the cage door being open all day. I have put his bowls just outside of his cage so he can reach them from within the cage while encouraging him to leave the cage, I try to see if I can...
  3. M

    Adopted GCC Behaviour

    Hi everyone! i'm new to this forum, and desperately need help with my little bird, Mango. he's a green cheeked conure, about 6-7 years old, and my boyfriend and I adopted him from his family (he used to live with them, and the bird missed him a lot) around Christmas time. we brought him home and...
  4. Bri_:3

    I have some very big news!

    I am now the proud owner of a baby budgie. We don't know the gender, but I immediately fell in love with this 3 week old baby. I will be posting pictures throughout the journey, but I am now the caretaker of this adorable baby. Her/his name is Kiwi. She/he isn't old enough to go home so I...
  5. Heyit'sChaney

    I got a Pineapple banded conure!

    This is my beautiful little conure, Yoshi! I adopted him off of craigslist, he is three years old and skittish around hands. I decided that I will start with hand training. He comes out to sit on the cage and watch me while I do work or make things. He's a little sweetheart and doesn't, or...
  6. Meggie

    I Just Adopted a 30 year old Congo African Grey.

    This post is slightly delayed but I am happy to announce that Lilah is the newest member of my little flock. She's a 30 years old CAG and quite the character. I adopted her through the Greater Chicago Bird Rescue in Villa Park, IL about 3 weeks ago. She fits in so well and I am looking...
  7. Atomiklan


    So I already accidentally leaked this in another post without even thinking about it, but I still wanted to post this to make myself feel a little better haha. ITS OFFICIAL OFFICIAL NOW!!! I HAVE ADOPTED LADA!!! The signature has now been edited After a recent vet trip I had all her records...
  8. McBird

    the journey of Leaf, as told by me

    Part 1 of Leaf’s journey: On January 13 of 2017 I was working in the salon with a coworker when we both noticed this giant cage looking thing standing in the middle of the entrance. We surmised several different things that could inhabit this cage from sugar gliders to birds. My gut feeling was...
  9. P

    New here

    Hello I am new here and husband and I just adopted a pair if young love birds-lil a peach face and leo a pied face. Have no idea who is female or male of it they are both the same sex. Am hoping to learn more about their care here Ruth