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  1. RebeccaZM

    Cockatiel smells like wet bird when dry? Smelly boy

    Hello all! I hope this is the correct place to post this! I'll post it on Cockatiel Corner as well. My cockatiel Obi-Wan has begun to smell like wet bird recently, even when he's dry, but it is definitely more pronounced when he is wet, downright stinky during bath time. Before this he had that...
  2. diitrex

    advice on aggressive adolescent?

    hi!! I've had my GCC since he was a baby. hes about 2 and a half right now, and has become incredibly aggressive and territorial over the past few weeks. he wont let me anywhere near his cage, and if anyone is near him when he's out of his cage, he will try to attack their faces/eyes. it all...
  3. SherbertDibdab

    New Alexandrine

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and new to owning a high needs kinda bird We were given our Alexandrine (Sherbert) about two months ago so it should be about 11 months old. It started off quite coy but was happy to step up onto our arm and make its way up to the shoulder (with a closed fist -...
  4. D

    Hello From Columbus, OH

    My name is Jake. I'm a gamer, a hair stylist, and a parrot lover. I have a Sun Conure (Drakos), a Quaker (Sky), and two budgies (Frosty and Storm). As I'm sure most people don't join on a whim, I do have a little bit of a situation: Currently I've had to downsize and my Sun and Quaker are...