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  1. Theo22

    Urgent All avian vets are closed, cockatiel ill

    My boy buddy has been sleeping while being fluffed up a lot since yesterday. Whenever I get the feeling one of my birds might be sick I put them on the scale to see if they lost weight. Buddy has had a weight of around 80g. But he eats the same diet as everyone else. So yesterday is weight was...
  2. N

    Urgent HELP! My Green Cheek Conure swallowed my gf nose stud!

    My 8month old conure swallowed my gf nose ring. We took him out of his cage to play and while hanging out on her chest he snatched her nose stud out. It’s a 7 millimeter’s tiny nose stud stainless steel. We plan on taking it to the vet in the morning but we are very concerned. We were on the bed...
  3. redrose27

    HELP BUDGIE INJURED (sad update #7)

    2 days ago kony 12 years old flew into a window and had a bad fall i didnt think much of it because she was fine afterward but today she was flying lop sided, and seemed to be limping, now a few hours later her condition us worse shes wheezing, peeing not pooping, and can barely stay on the...
  4. L

    Is it crop burn?

    We just finished hand feeding our around 5 week old budgie. While we were feeding him, he leaped towards the spoon and ate some of the formula when it was too hot. We took it away immediately. It was only a little and at 113° Fahrenheit. Is this enough to cause crop burn? Is there anything we...
  5. A

    911 My bird (cockatiel) got hit by the ceiling fan

    HI, my bird named JD just a few mins ago got hit by the ceiling fan. It is night in my country so all the vets are closed. I have applied a antiseptic healing solution, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW??? Someone please help me
  6. Beakz

    Urgent PLEASE HELP! IRN choking/ sneezing?!

    my IRN was fine just a couple seconds ago, she maybe eat a piece of a cracker she found on the floor. But she’s been doing this choking/ sneezing/ thing like if she’s trying to get air and it’s FREAKING ME OUT I don’t know what to do :crycry:
  7. D

    Urgent Possible swollen vent

    Over the past day or so I’ve noticed my sun conure (13 years old) vent looks strange. Now I don’t know if maybe I just never noticed it but I’ve noticed his vent is more visible and looks possibly swollen/prolapsed. Anyone tell me if I’m just crazy or should be concerned? I do have him...
  8. K

    911 Blood in poop!?

    I came home and found my bird pooping dark red poops. I haven't fed any dark red foods and she doesn't eat colored pellets. I can't get in to my avian vet until tomorrow morning, possibly later. What can I do for her now? Edit: She's also acting "normal" (talking, kissing, eating, etc), but I...
  9. A

    Urgent Sick Parrotlet! Odd Behavior!

    Recently I noticed that whenever I took my parrotlet out to play he decided to sleep instead. An he started sleeping in odd places like my vanity and nightstand. There's nothing to perch on there... Today he was on my shoulder and suddenly started flicking his head back and forth. Then he...
  10. hrafn

    911 Taco may be dying **UPDATE** Taco is NOT dying

    A moment ago, a car backfired on the street while Taco was playing on top of his cage, and he leapt into the air in shock and flew head-first into the wall. He seemed fine (if a little dazed) when I picked him up, and he asked to go back into his cage, as he always does when he gets hurt or...
  11. kiwi203

    Urgent Bleeding beak?!

    There is a small dot of blood inside my conure's beak. It's easily visible as she has a horn beak, and it has grown larger over the past three days. She seems perfectly healthy, but this is worrying me. It looks like it's inside the bone? Possibly a ruptured blood vessel? No blood has come out...