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Splayed legs


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I Think there should be a sticky about do's & donts with splayed birds.
Certainly Kiwi's story thaught me that Birds arent made to be laying down all the time


Please could you give me some tips? I have a little 10 day old baby society finch chick with splayed legs. Right now I have them gently wrapped together with a small bit of bandage, so they are in a natural position under her body. I'll check on her regularly, but I'm worried about what will happen if the bandage-splint doesn't work. What is care like for a bird with splayed legs, and what should I know about this? I want my little Athena to have the best life she could possibly have.

Although I breed finches to decrease dependence on chain pet stores, and raise awareness about finches as pets, and their care (tons of people in my area think you just give finches seed, and stuff them in a tiny cage:eek:), I've never encountered this before.

Thanks so much!!! This is a great idea and very, very useful. I don't know what I would of done if I didn't find this!!!