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Pictures !!! Severe Burns from UVA/B Full Spectrum Lamp !!!


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I was planning to get this FeatherBrite 20 watt full spectrum bulb to put in the ceiling fixture nearest my caique's cage. It's about 3 feet above her cage and slightly offset, so not directly above the cage. I wasn't really expecting it to do a whole lot being that far away, but I thought it might be better than the regular bulb that is typically there. I don't see a UV index listed. Am I missing something?

"Our new FeatherBrite 20w, compact, spiral fluorescent bulb is 5500k, 91 CRI, UVA 4%, UVB .05%. It is UL Listed."
FeatherBrite Full Spectrum 20w Bulb for birds, animals, plants

I'm admittedly not a UV expert outside of what I learned writing this... And even that was a long while ago. It looks like CRI is the Color Rendering Index and is a measure of how blue or yellow the light looks. The important thing is the power of the bulb and the distance between the lamp and your bird.

UV index is based on the amount of light given off in the UVA and UVB part of the spectrum. The intensity of the sunlight is "weighted" based on how damaging that part of the spectrum is and then the UV index is calculated. See this link for more info: Calculating the UV Index | Sun Safety | US EPA

Even though it may not be possible to know the exact UV index of the bulb without some fancy quipment, you can get an idea of how strong the bulb is just knowing the power it uses (Watts) and distance from your bird (in meters). From there the intensity is equal to the power (in Watts) divided by the square of the distance (in meters). That looks like W/sq.m. where sq.m. means square meters. For the lamp I was using the intensity would have been 160 Watts/(1m *1m) = 160 W/sq.m. No wonder my poor girl got cooked alive. (Though I'm happy to say she is doing well now!)

The light you are looking at would be 20 Watts/(1m*1m) = 20 W/sq.m. That's already 8 times less powerful than what caused the burns on Rhubarb. If in doubt, move it further away. Because distance is squared, scooting the cage another 6 inches from the bulb would drop the power down to just over 15 W/sq.m.

If you want the math: 20 Watts/(1.15 m * 1.15 m) = 15.1 W/sq.m.

I'm sorry I can't give a UV index, but you can always write the manufacturer and ask for that info. Or it might be possible to find by googling the product number and the phrase "UV index" to see if anyone has figured it out. Hope this helps.
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