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Rehoming 5 Year Old Budgie: Indiana


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Hello all,
First post on here and I’m afraid its about rehoming. I decided to come here because I’ve always come to this site for advice with my birds care and I know many people here spoil their birds and love them dearly (as they deserve!)
I have had a female budgie since the age of 13 who we have named Dale. I will be referring to him as a he only out of habit, as we did not know his sex for a long while! The first 4 years of his life weren’t the best. Neither me nor my family did enough research. He didnt have a small cage, but he never had out of cage time. His companion died about two years after we got them together. Now, after doing proper research, my budgie has at least 2-3 hours minimum of outside cage time and a big flight cage all to himself, but I can tell he is extremely lonely. We cannot support another bird, I can’t devote the time or the money because Im in high school and supporting his medical bills, food, toys, etc all by myself. It would be unfair of me to get another bird. Furthermore, I’ll be off to college soon. Ive talked with my mother and she said she would “take care of him but not let him out of his cage,” which i explained is not taking care of him, but to no avail.
Some info about Dale: he is on around a 50/50 seed and pellet diet as i am converting him to pellets. He does not eat vegetables, but is offered them daily. He is not a very energetic bird.

I am located around Greenwood, Indiana. I would gladly also give his flight cage and all his toys so he can have somewhat of a familiar environment. I would want to make certain whoever he is going to has a great track record with birds and also has at least another parakeet with them already. We can discuss a rehoming fee just so i know hes not going to a home thats going to sell him right away.
thank you all,


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