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Play Biting?? I think??


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Hi Folks,

Sunna (~3 months old, female) has some behaviors I don’t know what to make of.

She is super, super clingy (to the point where if she flutters off of me to poop and doesn’t want to step back up she will follow me around on the floor even in the same room and either hang out between my feet or on the top of my foot), BUT I don’t think she likes me to touch her unless she’s really sleepy, then I can rub her beak. Otherwise she will drop into this crouched posture and turn her head around with her beak open like she intends to bite me.

So tonight we were doing step-up training. I’ve gotten her more or less target trained with a clicker so I was using the stick to get her to step up. She was doing well so I tried it without the stick, offered my fingers, and she stepped up with one foot and held onto me so she could bite me. It wasn’t hard enough to break skin, but it was harder than her normal “beaking” bites. Then she proceeded to run around biting the towels, my hands, etc, with these very jerky and bizarre movements. I was on the phone with a friend and she thought maybe Sunna was playing, so I did an experiment and kinda gently touched her with the tip of my finger. She grabbed on (not hard, though some of her bites got a little rough) and rolled onto her back and was beaking my fingers and grabbing at them with her feet. It looked like playful behavior to me, but I’m not sure. I don’t want to damage the trust I’m building with her by annoying her all the time while thinking she’s enjoying herself. Right now she’s tucked between my hip and the sofa laying on her back and grinding her beak, so she’s not acting like she’s angry with me.

Can anyone confirm what exactly playful conure behavior looks like versus annoyed conure behavior? She normally moves away from me if she doesn’t want to be touched rather than getting violent with my extremities.

I have no idea.

Thank you all!


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I do not know but you have a cute bird thanks for sharing