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Need Advice or just general experinced feedback


Checking out the neighborhood
Sorry if im using this the wrong way, but I was sorta desperate.
I am a new bird owner of A little blue budgie.
It arrivred in my care 2 days ago. As of now its skittish and afraid, like it should be according to many sites. My parents do listen to me, and try to go sit near the cage and talk and interact with it this early on when I think they shouldn't. One of my questions is that, will that action affect the bird in a negative way.
Another question I had was. I got the bird 2 days ago. And i might have to move where I live in thr next couple days or maybe a few weeks. Is this very very stressful for the new bird. Mostly beacause its a new bird, so ita already scared and stressed. And I migbt have to move. Is there any way I can ease his transition or what to expect from tbis. As well as does this do any negative affects in the long run?


Sprinting down the street
You should definitely start the bonding process immediately, and what your parents are doing is the right way to go about it. Being near the cage and talking to your new bird will get him/her used to your presence. Life changes can stress birds out to varying degrees, so yes the move can impact him/her; It's like the change he/she is facing right now (the move from the breeder/store to your home). I don't know how old your bird is, but younger birds are typically better at adapting to new surroundings, so that will be an advantage assuming he/she is young.