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Video My first tiel-midwife job! Welcome Cary!

Marina Engan

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I had seen for some days now that the shell on one of the eggs were damaged and the past two- almost three days I have heard the baby piping.
So with trembling hands and my heart poundig, I started to peal off the shell piece by piece. With a lot of (NON) help from Anastacia.
I got him out, but it was very dry inside, the membrane was totally dry.
I did put him back with the parents, hoping that they will feed him directly, and now I have to keep a close watch on my little Cary.
It's quite unbelievably what one can do when it's necessary:wow:

Welcome to the world Cary!:welcomeflag:

Anyone here with experience who has an advice for me what to do next?



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I think if it had been me, I'd have given the little guy a drop or two of dilute electrolyte solution before putting him back with the parents since he was so dry inside.

Just FYI in the future, it can be very dangerous to open an egg like that. You may have lucked out and the baby was really in need of help. Usually if I have to help a baby out, I make sure the nostrils are free so it can breath at least and then I wait to see if it can do the rest on its own. If the yolk hasn't been absorbed all the way and you try to pull the shell away, it can create a lot of problems around the umbilicus.

How is that baby doing today? Congrats on the new hatchling.