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Male budgies fighting


Meeting neighbors
Hi guys, I got my budgies several days ago and probably made a mistake on buying two young males. One is 1 year old and another one is 3-month old. They used to live together with several other budgies and according to their previous owner, they were fine together. So now they are alone with me and would fight for about an hour every afternoon, with some loud screaming and violent flying-around. They do get along well at other time of the day though. There's no real damage done as far as I can tell, except for a few fallen feathers. Is this something I should worry about? Would introducing a female help or make things worse? I could also have two more females, but I afraid the cage, which is 45 * 34 * 92 cm, would not be big enough for 4 birds. Thanks a lot for your answers!!!