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Lost Bird


Checking out the neighborhood
I have 2 female lovebirds (sisters) and recently one has gotten out and disappeared.
I'm worried about how this is going to affect my remaining lady. Does anyone have any advice on what to expect or how to help?
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Welcome to the Avenue,

Here are some tips to maybe help find your girl;

Have you listed her on www.parrotalert.com ?
Post in facebook groups,
Email all vets (even cats/dogs ones)
create flyers to post in local shops etc
Walk around the streets calling her
Go around the neighbourhood with pictures asking if anyone has seen her
Check neighbours gardens
Check on top of apartment building roofs
Look in the local park in the trees
Advise local animal services (the pound, rescue centres)
Drop a poster off at the police station, fire station

I know my friend lost her two lovebirds two years ago, they got out of the cage one day while she was out. Only one came home (later found out she is female, sex unknown of the other) she is doing good now, even though she lost her sibling and friend. She even bonded to another bird a year or so later.
You can try introducing more foraging opportunities and a good variety of toys, switching them up to keep things interesting. Be sure you spend plenty of time interacting with your bird so she doesn´t get too lonely.