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  1. M

    Lost Bird

    Hi, I have 2 female lovebirds (sisters) and recently one has gotten out and disappeared. I'm worried about how this is going to affect my remaining lady. Does anyone have any advice on what to expect or how to help? Thank You, M
  2. Jusgetinby

    Missing Bird Budgie

    I am very sad, my mind is not all there right now, my bird is missing, I came home to find one of my birds missing. I just want to know where to post missing budgie. I feel so ill she gone. I think she might be pregnant. I am in west Phoenix arizona. Her name Yuki. I am very distraught and I am...
  3. Vogeln

    Lost Blue Fischer Lovebird

    Lost at Kings Cross, NSW, Australia 2 months old baby lovebird. Still needs handfeeding. Please if she goes to whoever finds her, please give me notice.. She is the blue one in the photo So worried