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It worked!


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Yoshi can now STEP UP and hang out on a BARE hand without causing it to bleed :lol:. As some of you may know Yoshi previously attacked skin anytime he could I had to wear big hoodies around him so he could hang out on my shoulder or arm without attacking it. A few days ago I decided to try a method I hadn’t tried before I thought maybe he didn’t realise that biting skin isn’t acceptable and just bit it because he didn’t like it.

I got him to step up on my sleeved arm and then would expose my hand when he would run down to attack it I would lower my arm. He would look up to see why his perch had moved and steady himself, then I would reward him for not biting for a couple seconds. We continued this training for a couple days and eventually he got the message: biting= unsteady perch, not biting=praise and treats.

My hand has about ten marks from when he was learning not to bite but it’s all worth it now. :D Because I can hold him whilst wearing a T-shirt

Also luckily for me perfectly in time now it’s getting much warmer much faster because I would not have enjoyed wearing a jumper in 30 degree heat!


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Congratulations on the progress!