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Is this a good rat chop?


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Is this a good rat chop? Not for regular meals, but I like feeding a meal like this every few days.
Right top corner: raw broccoli
Right lower corner: raw celery
Right lower corner to the left of the celery: raw baby carrot
Left top corner: oat bran from breakfast cereal
Left lower corner: dog food
Left middle: raw elbow pasta
Middle: mixture of herbs including lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, and basil IMG_0502.JPG IMG_0504.JPG


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I'd be cautious about dog kibble because there's a lot of low quality dog kibble out there. Check the ingredients list and be cautious about "meat meal" because that usually isn't high quality. I wouldn't feed pasta except as a training treat because it's just carbs without a lot of nutritional value. Check the sugar content of the breakfast cereal - a lot of breakfast cereals have a really high sugar content - even muesli and apparently healthy options had 3x the sugar I was aiming for. You want 4g of sugar per 100g or lower. I could only achieve this by using unsweetened rice crispies, unsweetened cornflakes or unsweetened weetabix.

The veg looks great :)

I found Alison Campbell's stuff useful. I have a copy of The Scuttling Gourmet and you can by ebooks: Feeding your rat Archives - The Scuttling Gourmet