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How To: How to know where to post/find a thread

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Avian Avenue has many forums and it can be a little overwhelming to some to try and figure out where to post a thread or in which forum to search for information, so hopefully this list of all the forums will make that a little easier.
If you want to save this for future reference, you can use the bookmark feature.

The site is broken down into four catagories;
¨Forum info highway¨ - For tech help, forum related topics and rules
¨Main street¨ - To talk about people topics
¨Avian Avenue¨ - For bird topics
¨Species speedway¨ - Species specific topics

Forum Info Highway
Neighborhood Etiquette - There is only one thread here, the Forum Community Guidelines
Announcements from the Admins - It is worth ¨watching¨ this thread. This is where Admins post announcements relating to the site
Concierge Desk - A new forum where you can post questions about how to navigate/use the site
Comment Court - Forum suggestions and comments
How-To Junction - A centralized location for guides regarding posting on the Avenue, including uploading pictures/videos, formatting individual profiles, etc.
Service Road - Technical problems and questions
Signature street - A place to put requests for or offer to create signatures

Main Street
Welcome Lane - Introduce yourself :)
Around the Neighborhood - Non-bird related chat, grab your coffee and chat with us. Post your non-bird, non-pet photos and videos here (vacation/family events, holidays, etc.
Candlelit Lane - A place to request prayers and good wishes
Game Pavilion - A place for forum games and contests
Recipe Road - A place to share recipes for all us humans
Wellness Place - (Formerly ¨Weight Loss Trail¨) A place to discuss dealing with your general well being
Planters Parkway - A place to discuss gardening
Wing-Nut Lounge - A theater where you can put your jokes/videos of yourself doing silly things to bring a smile to our faces
Celebration Street - Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions
Mayor of the Avenue - Monthly award to recognize the wonderful members of Avian Avenue!
Feathered Estates - A place to highlight our members' amazing cage and play setups
Celebirdy of the Month - Monthly award to honor birds of Avian Avenue!
Avenue Spotlight Award - Winners of this award are chosen by you! Whoever receives the ASA will chose who (and why) to pass it to next!
Mileage Milestones - Post your own Avenue achievements
Contest Corner - Come participate in our forum contests!
Other Than Feathers Speedway - A place to talk about all other pets and to post their pics and videos
Aqua park - A place to blow bubbles and share stories as well as ask questions about your fish and tanks
The AA Coral - A place to saddle up and share stories, pics and ask questions about your horses
The Cat Tree - A place to sniff the catnip and share stories, post pics and ask questions about your cats
Bark Park - A place to walk your dogs and share stories, post pictures and ask questions
Critter Corner - A place to dig burrows and share stories, post pics and ask questions about your rabbits, ferrets, hedgehogs hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, rats, and prairie dogs
Herp Haven - A place to scale down and share stories, post pics and ask questions about your snakes, lizards, amphisbaenids, turtles, terrapins, tortoises, crocodilians, tuataras, frogs and toads
Farm crossing - A place to milk the cow, shear the sheep and share stories and pics about your cows, goats, sheep, pigs, etc. (Please post about fowl in 'Poultry Row' forum)
Shutterbug Street - For those who have a skill with the camera and want to share and for those who want to learn

Avian Avenue
The Airport - A place to chat about how to live with your flighted parrot
Behavior Byway - A place to discuss avian behaviors, hormones, and body language
Pluckers Parlor - A place to talk about feather destructive behaviors
Bird Boulevard - Chat about your birds
Birdy Talk Playhouse - A birdy only tree-house with No Humans Allowed! All birdies must use their human's account
Bird Emergency Highway 911 - Initial treatment given to your injured/sick bird until a qualified avian veterinarian is available. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO REPLACE VET CARE. *Only site veterans (members for 5+ years) can reply to these threads*
Add Your Favorite Vets Here - A place to list a bird vet you have had experience with who you feel is top-rate
Bird Watchers Road - Share your wild bird sightings
Breeders Boulevard - A place to share ideas and best practices on breeding birds
Egg Layers Expressway - For any and all egg related questions
Enrichment and Foraging Park - Ideas on how to keep our birds mentally and physically active
Feathered Food Court - Discuss diet-related topics for your birds here
Feathered Photos Fairway - Pictures (and videos) of your birds, show them off
Healthy Highway - Bird related health questions
Bird Anatomy - Info on various anatomy functions and issues
Diseases - A compilation of threads focusing on the various diseases members' birds are dealing with
Educate Yourself - Find out: how to read blood tests, vet questions, healthy poop, financial help, care tips, quarantine, etc.
Medications - Medications should be administered under the supervision of an avian vet. Ask questions here.
Highway to Heaven - A place to share the memory of your birds (and other pets) that are waiting for us at the "rainbow bridge"
The Highway Home - For lost and found birds
ParrotAlert - This subforum is for the RSS feed from parrotalert.com and will typically be for birds that are not owned by members of Avian Avenue. We believe in spreading the word to help reunite birds and their families.
Holistic Avenue - Holistic approaches to bird care
The Marketplace - A place to share your favorite places to shop for bird supplies
Avian Avenue Auction House - A place for vendor auctions
The Flea Market - A place for members to post about bird-related odds and ends they have for sale, give away or trade. NO ADS FOR BIRDS. Please keep in mind these items are likely to be exposed to other birds. Use this section at your own discretion/risk.
Nursery Rhyme Drive - Help for the wee ones
Rehome Highway - rescue, rehoming & sanctuary discussions
Exit 1 - PJ´s Parrot Place
Exit 2 - PEARL Parrot Rescue
Exit 3 - Global Nest Exotic Bird Sanctuary
Safety Avenue - Discussions on Bird Safety, be on the look out for our monthly safety tips
Special Needs Crossing - A place to talk about birds that have disabilities such as broken beaks, toe loss, splayed legs, blindness and other things that make them "special". Discuss how to help make their lives better.
Celebrating Our Handicapped Birds - Post the stories of your AA Inspirational Award recipients
Senior Centre - A place to discuss our special senior birds
Toys & Cages Bypass - Share stories and pictures of different toys and cages
DIY Drive - Share your toy making Do It Yourself ideas
The Training Court - Tips to train your birds
Clicker Training Classroom - Clickin' with Vicki
The Zoological Park - A place to share photos, videos, and your experiences at your favorite zoos around the world

Species Speedway
Species Specific Section
African Grey Valley
Amazon Avenue
Aussie Grass Parrots Lane
Budgie Boulevard
Caique Cul De Sac
Canary & Finch Court
Cockatiel Corner
Cockatoo Causeway
Conure Court
Eclectus Alley
Hawkhead Trail
Linnie Landing
Lorikeet Lane
Lovebird Lane
Macaw Motorway
Other Parrot Lane - For all other hookbills
Parrotlets Place
Pionus Pointe
Poicephalus Place - Senegals, Meyers, Redbellies, Jardines and Capes
Poultry Row - A place to brag about your Chickens, Doves, Ducks, Geese, Guinea Fowl, Pigeons, Turkeys...also...Swans, Peacocks and any other type of fowl that live at your house
Quaker Causeway
Ramphastid Road - Toucans, Toucanets & Aracaris
Ringneck and Other Keet Street
Softbill Circle
Vasa Vista
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