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How much weight do lovebirds gain when they are going to lay eggs?


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My female lovebird is almost a year old. Her and her sibling are my first birds and I've had them since they were a couple months old. I've been consistently weighing them every couple days for the last 6 months and she has been the same exact weight every morning, not a single gram more or less. Their diet has stayed the same and the only change that I can think of is that she can now fly after having clipped wings. But I assumed she would lose weight since she is getting more exercise. She has gained 2 grams in the past few days and I'm thinking that she might lay eggs. Again, these are my first birds so I have no idea. If your lovebird has laid eggs and you were weighing them consistently, can you please let me know how many grams they gained?


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It could either be

Muscle, it weighs more than fat so more flying= more muscle,

Or egg on the way, Eggs are approx 4g (somewhere between 3.5 - 4.5).
They take 24-48 hours to make and lay them. So you will have your answer in a few days. You will notice the area around the cloaca getting larger, and eventually a bulge where the egg is waiting to be laid..