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Get's bitey when I ask her to step up off my shoulder


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My cockatiel, Sunny, is nearly 3 months old (will be on 10/28/2023), she was hand raised by her breeder and taught the 'step up' command. She does great stepping up when its time to come out of her cage, but after a few hours of hanging out, if I need to go do something outside with one of the other animals (I live on a farm) and I ask her to step up off my shoulder, she throws a fit and gets bitey. I've had her for a week tomorrow (10/23/2023) and we've bonded really well in such a short time. She dances when she sees me, loves getting cuddles and pets and kisses, grinds her beak and preens when shes on my shoulder, and I've tried to show her that just because I'm asking her off my shoulder, doesn't mean shes always going to her cage, but the biting is getting harder. I'm new to all of this and could really use some help. Sunny is out of her cage most of the day with me except when I have to go outside or to town (I don't have a carrier yet). The longest she's usually in her cage in a day is 4 hours spread out. She has plenty of toys and perches and food and fresh water. Can anyone please provide some advice on how to work on this issue?


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The easiest way to stop the biting is to basically not allow shoulder time until it has been earned, shoulder time is a privilege that should only been given to trustworthy birds- your bird needs to step up consistently when asked to no matter where you are or what you are doing or what your bird might think you want to do with it, you can work on this by treating every time the requested action of step up (I personally don't use these words as it feels more like a command than a request to me) is shown.
You really want to stop the biting before it actually becomes your birds way of communicating with you. Check out the training court section of AA and you will find many things like target training that you can work on with your bird to open a line of communication with it.