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Female egg laying and aggression?


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Hello everyone!

This is my first time posting on the forum so I am hoping I get some help on this as it has been worrying me. :unsure1:

I have two lovely cockatiels that are brother and sister, I’ve had them both for about a year and a half. Just recently, maybe a few months ago, they have started to try and mate. While I was away on a vacation and my family members were watching them, I think that they mated while I was away and she started laying eggs. Since then, I bought dummy eggs and it ended in a few weeks. Now, they are in separate cages and she still continues to lay eggs. I’ve put more dummy eggs in her cage to lead to less egg laying hopefully. She’s been sitting on the dummy eggs almost all day and has become so aggressive towards me which is unlike her (charging, wings out stance, hissing etc) — my boy has been the sweetest and is super affectionate and isn’t having any issues.

To add, her droppings have been ginormous and water like. She’s been eating and drinking water just fine and so has my male. When I do let her out she is relatively active and doesn’t concern me with fatigue.

Please help with any advice, thanks.


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Welcome! What you are describing is completely normal. Her aggressiveness is because she is defending her nest and eggs. It is a natural behavior. The droppings are also normal for a hen who is laying eggs.