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  1. A

    Overcoming excessive egg laying

    Hello! I believe that my female cockatiel is experiencing excessive egg laying. In the last few months (beginning of Spring to now) she has later 3-4 clutches of eggs. The first clutch or two was because I let her out with my other male cockatiel; once I noticed mating behavior I separated...
  2. A

    Female egg laying and aggression?

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting on the forum so I am hoping I get some help on this as it has been worrying me. :unsure1: I have two lovely cockatiels that are brother and sister, I’ve had them both for about a year and a half. Just recently, maybe a few months ago, they have...
  3. S

    Is my baby cockatiel okay??

    Hi , this is pepper and is abour 3 weeks and 5 days old , as u can see in the picture , its crop is like this whereas my other parrot that is 4 weeks and 5 days old(i feed it 7 to 8 mls) has a crop looking like that(pretty normal) , is the peppers crop normal ? Is it overstreched ? I feed it...
  4. P

    Cockatiels are mating. What should I expect/do?

    I have 2 cockatiels, Pikachu (male) and Bean, (female.) They've just recently started breeding, and I've been trying to research what (if anything) I need to do. They never really seemed like a bonded pair to me, though, and it's odd because the person that I adopted Pikachu from was getting rid...
  5. elitys

    Cockatiel Lost His Song?

    Our boy Russet seems to have forgotten his song. He would sing when we first adopted him, but he hasn't in a while. Baby sings at him, and sometimes Russet makes other noises, but he doesn't sing anymore. We have a couple theories. First, Russet may have been responding to a sound he doesn't...
  6. J

    Housing help please?

    Hey all! So I have two pet cockatiels. One was born in october of last year and the other was born January of this year. I am currently at the end of the quarantine phase and have them in two separate cages within a foot of eachother. My older bird is in a large cage that I intended for both of...
  7. Birdilove

    Female cockatiels are fighting, help!

    I had my oldest karly since she was 4 months old, she’s now 1 and a half. I didn’t know birds could get over bonded with humans so I did everything with her. I was with her everyday most of the day and she loved it. I decided to get another cockatiel so she would be less bonded, the new...
  8. A

    Cockatiel woes

    Hello everyone. I've read a lot of similar posts to mine. I've watched all the YouTube videos I can find, and I still can't get one of my tiels to bond with me. I got him from a breeder at age 2 months. He's now 5 months old (not positive it's male, but breeder said male). Anyway, he will...
  9. A

    Hello from Virginia

    Hi, my name is Annie. I own 2 cockatiels, and 8 parakeets. In our house, we also have 2 other cockatiels, 2 sun conures, a Quaker parrot, and an African grey. I am the main caregiver to our flock, but don' have a lot of experience since owning parakeets as a child. I hand raised one of my...