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Cockatiel playing with tongue? Normal or not


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Hello everyone,

I have a 10mo old cockatiel I got 2mo ago I am not sure the gender but they have had this behavior since I got LemonBerry, they play with their tongue. Its usually after chewing on something LemonBerry is extremely destructive to the toys I got them. But after a bit of playing sometimes they'll just stick out their tongue, look at it, wiggle it and then go back to doing whatever. The most in a day I've seen this is 3xs, I have given a positive response to seeing this so I don't know if that could be why? So my question is, is this a behavior that I should be concerned about? I tried Googling and became worried seeing respiratory infection but this bird acts normal- sounds normal poop is healthy eating behavior is healthy nose is clear eyes look good. This is my first tiel after a lifetime of budgies so I am just curious whether or not I should bring to the vet about this. Thank you.
Picture of what LemonBerry does, they played with some bird confetti then did this.


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Birds are weird.

I actually saw a cockatoo doing this on Sunday... only, the too was sticking tongue out to touch the tip of their beak, then banging said tongue against the cage.... leaving a dent in the tongue at least from the beak tip.

Although not normal behavior, some birds are just quirky! And as long as they are otherwise healthy, usually nothing to be concerned about!