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Broken back Toe on my Sparrow


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Gil Banducci
I have a Sparrow my daughter and I raised after it fell from a nest as a little pink baby. He has become one of the family and loves people and our dog. yesterday he got his back toe caught on his cage and i think he broke it. He has become very quite now which is no where near normal for him. i don't know what do to help him. My vet wont treat him because they consider him a wild animal. I read how to treat the front toes by supergluing them together but what can I do for the back toe? Please help me so I can help him. This little guy is our baby and very loved.


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Maybe a wildlife rehabilitation center could take a look at him? Even though he's not technically wild, they might know what to do.


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Is he bleeding at all?

The wildlife rehabilitation center route is a good one for sure. Are there other vets in your area you could try? My avian vet will see my starling despite him being a "wild animal," and another local vet's office works in tandem with wildlife rehab and will take in wild animals, so I would call every vet you can find. That said, there's not a whole lot that can be done for a broken bone so small. It will likely heal just fine on it's own, though it may end up a bit crooked. My concern would be less about setting it and more about pain management. I wonder if even though they won't see him, your vet might be willing to prescribe some metacam?