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13 week old cockatiel sounds normal?


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Hey everyone. Okay so it’s been a very very long time since I’ve had a baby tiel in my home. His name is Kenji and he’s currently 13 weeks almost 14 and he chitters a lot to himself which my former boy of 15 years never did (bless his little heart he was my soul mate and I miss him every day).
Today his chirps seem a bit more breather than usual. Is it normal for their vocals to change slightly between 8-14 weeks?
I’ll try and link a video of it, had to sneak one because he only does it when I’m not in the room but I’d appreciate any advice.

He also squeaks when he poops, I’ve brought this up with my avian vet and they’re very concerned about it, said that he’s straining but he doesn’t appear to be straining at all to me, they literally just plop right out and he kind of does a one note cheep when they do. Has anyone else’s cockatiel ever done this?

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Your little bird sounds adorable! Cockatiels often start experimenting with their sounds around that age, so it’s common to hear new noises. Sorry, I don’t know about the chirp when he poops, but I can picture some birds doing that just as a vocal expression. Maybe somebody else will come on who has experience with that.