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  1. FinchORI

    Zebra Finch in need of new home + where I’ve been + sad story

    Hello everyone. I have not been active for a while for a combination of mental health stuff and bird stuff. As some of you might remember, I had two female zebra finches, Arlo and Will. Quite a while ago, Will started acting very strange, drooping over, pecking at her foot, many other symptoms...
  2. C

    Lone zebra finch

    I had two zebra finches but one got into a room he wasn't supposed to be in and flew into a mirror. Unfortunately he did not survive and I am left with a single boy. He is 4 years old and I am unable to find a new friend due to the avian flu causing a shortage in my area. It's been a month and a...
  3. S_Sophia_S

    Female finch keep throwing her eggs away 10+ times now???

    Hey everyone! I hope you are in good health and enjoying summer <3 So, as the title of my posts says, my female zebra finch have been throwing her eggs away so they break when they fell down. She does not eat her egg but just throw it out of her nest. The male finch is going crazy because he...
  4. B

    Zebra Finch Cage

    I have a pair of zebra finches they are in a 42 inch wide, 22 inch deep and 37 inch tall cage. My local pet store is saying I could put 8 finches in there (4 pairs). I want to make sure that is appropriate and he is not just trying to get me to buy more. How many finches could that cage house...
  5. BasilBird

    Somethings wrong with by zebra finch's wing

    So this morning I went to check on our zebra finches, and our one female was hopping on the floor with her wing held strangely. She can't fly, although she tries. What is wrong, and what can we do to help? When we started our walk in cage, we agreed that we won't be able to take all the injured...
  6. X

    Sprained finch leg Help needed!!!

    Hello. Saturday evening I noticed my zebra finch had hurt her leg. It’s been hard for her to fly and stand on her perch. Today I took her to the vet and there was no fractures in the x ray. I was given pain killers and antibiotics. They told me she sprained her leg. They did not put a splint...