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white capped pionus

  1. S

    Baby Pionus Tips?

    Hello :) This is my first time posting anything on here but I have been lurking around the forums for a while now. After months and months of research and consideration, it's very possible that I will be bringing home a newly weened baby White Capped Pionus in a few weeks. Just curious if...
  2. S

    Looking For WCP or Superb Parrot in Ontario

    After looking into the different parrot species, I discovered that either a white-capped pionus or superb parrot would be a good match for me and my lifestyle. I wanted to know if anyone knows of a reputable breeder, store or rescue in Ontario, that has them or breeds them.
  3. B

    New Member! I’d like to Introduce my Pionus!

    I have a Male White Capped Pionus! The only bird I have that I didn’t name. He had 6 homes before he came to me. He is a ball of fire, and only ever is nice to me (if I change my appearance, he is a ball of fire to me until he gets used to it). He had what me and my vet refer to as ‘double...
  4. hrafn

    Ponytail = STRANGER DANGER

    I just made the mistake of going into the New World room with my hair still pinned from doing my makeup, and upon seeing me Aurélie instantly went into BEAST MODE. Beak open, feathers fluffed, tail flared, pionus strut, the whole nine yards. She had NO idea who I was. Poor little girl...
  5. hrafn

    Video Aurélie has finally decided...

    ...that my fingers are allowed to scritch! She's been so anti-touch since she was a tiny baby that I wondered whether she'd grow up to be hands-off like her older grey siblings. I didn't really mind, since not everyone likes a scritch, but just now she bent down her head, fluffed up her...
  6. hrafn

    Urgent Broken blood feather or something else?

    I just heard a massive commotion from the bird room, and Aurélie screech, and when I rushed in to investigate she was in a panic, thrashing around her cage. I managed to calm her down and get her out, and blood smeared over my hand when she stepped up. I've only had one fid break a blood...
  7. hrafn

    Pictures Happy First Gotcha Day, Aurélie!!

    It has officially been one year since I took the bus to the airport, walked an hour to the air cargo building (getting lost no less than eight times), befriended a hawk, twisted my ankle, got in a fight with a vending machine, and finally met my beautiful baby Réy for the first time! :swoon...
  8. hrafn

    My white-capped caique

    It's always hard to catch Réy in the act because she hates cameras, but I just managed to catch a snippet of her usual silliness. :D (Ft. Taco)