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weight gain

  1. mybluebirb

    Urgent weight gain?

    Hello! Ever since my indian ringneck lay eggs last June I’ve been weighing her regularly. After her egg her weight used to be 121-123g in the morning. It was like that until the middle of January where it increased to 126g. However a few days before that I did find her sneakily eating seeds...
  2. mybluebirb

    Urgent small poops? no more morning poops? slight weight gain?

    my parrot is slowly molting at the moment (this has been going on for a while cos she’s molting one body part at a time) a few days ago i noticed that her poops were smaller than usual i also weighed her and saw her morning weight was 123g instead of the usual 121g and it has been 123g since...
  3. mybluebirb

    Urgent weight gain and firm chest??

    Hello! My indian ringneck parrot layed 2 (infertile) eggs early last month, it was her first time and it was soo stressful for me! :sad11: Ever since then, I’ve been weighing her regularly to notice any changes in her weight. I’ve found that when she wakes up she’s 121g, and by the end of the...
  4. B

    Poor Posture in Budgie?

    My budgie tends to lean forward when perching, which I assume isn't normal because my other budgie sits up straight. He also been sneezing often these past months, and has some extra weight behind his legs. Any ideas on what it could be about? Money's too tight to see a vet atm so help would be...
  5. CGrillo

    Food to help budgie gain weight

    Luke lost some weight by not eating his food on his second round of antibiotics (which It was put in the food and is a bitter tasting medication). He was pretending to eat so I didn’t realize he wasn’t eating until I could physically feel his keel bone when I went to pick him up. He is no...
  6. T

    Aspiration in baby- Sad Update Post #5

    I have a baby Jardine parrot about 6-7 wks old which have a suspected Aspiration of baby formula in to the lungs. Took it to the vet, and vet only prescribed antibiotics. No x-ray was done to confirm aspiration. The vet asked me to take the baby home and monitor it myself I suspected Aspiration...
  7. C_Olson

    My Black Capped Conure refuses to gain weight

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums, but have been looking for some advice on how to help my black capped conure gain weight. A little about my bird: she's about 2 or 3 years old (exact age unknown) and has bounced around a couple breeders/homes for most of her life before we got her in October 2018...
  8. LaurenL16

    Monkey Chow WHICH ONE???

    Hi all, I have seen posts but very little information has come of them for me.... We rescued a umbrella 2 Friday, she has a radial abdominal hernia and needs surgery. To get the surgery, she needs to put on weight (shes to thin :-( ) the vet said get MONKEY CHOW (BISCUITS) Soak 1 in hot water...