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watery pooping

  1. P

    Budgies dropping

    Hey I have a quick question I’m not sure what to do. So my budgie’s droppings have looked a bit weird for a while. They are coming out green color like normal but there seems like the urates coming out are making some kind of covering or casing around some of the poop and it makes it look like a...
  2. O

    Urgent Parrotlet symptoms

    I have a 3 year old parrotlet and yesterday I noticed his poop was a clear liquid. Today I had him out and he pooped again, and it was pure liquid. Then I put him on me about 2 minutes later and he pooped again. This worries me for a few reasons. One, the consistency of his poop. Also the volume...
  3. Mygcgbaby

    fred's poop has changed to more watery and more often?!

    he is eating more fruits a day, so i am assuming that is why. yet this am while giving him his breakfast, he pooped one big one normal, as soon as he perched, then 4 more times much smaller, while eating, and ones more right before he went back into his cage, the last one though was clear!...not...