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  1. B

    Potential recovery?

    Hi all my conure was diagnosed with fatty liver and the vet simply told us more veg and carbohydrates we have been following that rule and she is now much more active than before, she eats 3 times a day now (each meal taking 1-3 hours to finish, taking longest at sunset and sundown) and is...
  2. B

    First ever x ray

    Hello everyone. My conUre needs to have an x ray done as the vet has suspicions that her long going wing flipping and head bobbing is a result of heavy metal poisoning I would gladly comply To this, but I am concerned about my birds well-being whilst being under anaesthetic im very suspicious of...
  3. Saiki myu

    Urgent Help my sun conure

    My sun conure lost the whole top half of her beak, she's very picky about what she eats I tried giving her smashed watermelon and pasta but she won't eat it even if she can't climb her the cage she tries I'm not sure what to do I took her to the vet but since the whole covid 19 thing they...
  4. S

    Urgent Help for my budgie chick

    My 2 week old budgie chick is going cold, he has stopped opening his eyes, and isn't doing much movement. Also his crop isn't emptying like usual, so I'm unable to give him his feeding. He seems sick and cold, PLEASE HELP!!