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  1. flyzipper

    Don't buy cheap vacuums (video)

    We always advise people to keep their aviaries clean, and that often involves vacuuming, but what if your vacuum is part of the problem? I keep diving deeper into indoor air quality, and this is the next piece of that puzzle I need to deal with (my vacuum is old and stinks up the place when...
  2. SixCaiques

    Vacuuming near eggs

    I have heard but have yet to confirm that the use of a vacuum cleaner should be avoided in the presence of fertile eggs. Can anybody verify the validity of this?
  3. Atomiklan

    Vacuum = Bath

    Does anyone else's parrot take a bath every time they hear the vacuum cleaner. Lada's (Eckie) parront warned me about this. She said, every time she runs the vacuum, all her birds including Lada all take a bath (or pretend to take a bath) when they hear a vacuum. Does this happen to anyone else...
  4. Reggie

    Life Hack for Budgie Owners

    I don't know if this applies to other birds as well, so I'll just stick it where I know it'll help other people! :D I have three budgies, and that means I technically own three little messes. I clean out the removable pan in their cage about every other day or every two days depending on how...