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two budgies

  1. A

    I got a second budgie and my first one doesn't like me anymore

    Hello! A year ago I adopted a budgie and everything was going well. On the third day when I first tried giving her millet, she immediately jumped to my hand and ate it. Many months later she seemed to be getting lonely so I adopted another budgie. Ever since then, she won't fly to my hand...
  2. birdlovr

    Trying to train two budgies in same cage, starting to feel hopeless

    I have two bonded budgies in the same cage. They are getting a flight cage pretty soon with more toys. When I open the cage door to play, sometimes Sterling (blue budgie male) will come out to a perch and interact with me. Star (yellow and green female) is quite more timid. I have been teaching...
  3. Tibby_blu

    Chasing budgie

    Hi have two budgies taro and gumi, gumi is relatively new like 3 months maybe? They get along great, preening each other, regurgitating for each other and just chilling together. Problem is gumi always chases taro around sometimes flies at taro. Anything taro does gumi suddenly wants to do and...
  4. L

    Help please!

    I got my first budgie 2 weeks ago. She was bonding with me and all and then I got my second budgie 2 days ago. I have kept both of them together and they’re happy and all, they’re sisters from the same mother. Now my original budgie has forgotten all the bonding she had with me and runs away...
  5. kifird

    Thinking of adopting a budgie friend for my current one.

    Hey y'all I was thinking of adopting a budgie from a well trusted pet-store that I go to often. Another hand-tamed baby budgie. But I read a couple horror stories of pet owners who say that after getting a new friend for their original budgie (tamed and everything) that their budgies began to...