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  1. O

    Traveling with others & Houseguests

    Hello! im wondering if im the only one who has anxiety issues with traveling with others or having houseguests, or staying with others, with birds. I never traveled after we got our first bird baby. three years ago. other than two times. We did take one Airbnb driving trip, just me and my...
  2. Diveks

    Forced to stay in a hotel with handfed parrots! Advice needed.

    hello, so in a few days I will be staying in a hotel (family gathering) I would prefer to stay home but it is mandatory and unfortunately I am unable to NOT attend it. Well the hotel is around 10-20 minutes away and the babies are around 2-3 weeks old. I will be taking them in an Rcom KingSuro...
  3. teena87

    Traveling with birds (by air)

    Hello, I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience traveling to foreign countries with their birds? For extended vacations or moving? I'm particularly concerned about countries that require quarantine but also about coming back home (I'm in Canada but I believe it is similar for USA. From...
  4. Samantha Beben

    Prospective Macaw Owner

    Hi! I’m new to this site and my husband and I are talking about getting a macaw when we can financially afford one. I have some concerns and would like a macaw owner to give me some insight? My husband and I want to travel not necessarily every month but we would like to go on week vacations...
  5. Taylor Zaugg

    Parrots first plane

    My last thread I posted didnt get the responses I want. My mom lives in California and I visit her 3 times a year for a week. My Ekkie is 4 months old. He's good with traveling in cars and comes with me to petsmart. Is it sad if I bring him to California with me? Is it sad to have him go on the...
  6. Taylor Zaugg

    Flying with parrot

    My eclectus was registered as an emotional support animal, and has tags and a flight suit stating he is an ESA. I'm flying to California two times this summer. July 12-17 and august. Anyone here ever flew with there bird? He's be with me in my seat. I have a bird traveling backpack.
  7. Taylor Zaugg

    Pictures Traveling with my eclectus

    I'm getting my new baby eclectus that has just been weaned in a week and a half. I have a big cage here at my house and a cage at my boyfriends set up. My boyfriends house is 5 minutes away. Do you think if I get my Ekkie used to driving a 5 minute drive to my boyfriends he'll be okay with...
  8. Veggielover

    Moving Abroad (Help!)

    I have accepted a position as a teacher near Budapest in Hungary. I leave in August. I will be gone from the states for a year. Does anyone have any information about possibly bringing my cockatiel with me and what the procedure is. I can't imagine being separated for a whole year. Thanks...