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  1. FiatLux

    Training vids or courses recommended?

    Hi all: Im hoping to bring home a YS GCC in a month or two and would like to learn basic training to avoid as many mistakes as I can. I know it’s impractical to start learning without an actual bird to practice on but I’d feel better if I had exposure to basics before my bird comes home what...
  2. KiwiPo

    What is the Best Harness for a Conure

    I have a black-capped conure and have heard that this breed is smaller than other conures. He is about 9 weeks old now and is very desensitized to touch. He lets us touch his beak, under the wings, feet, and belly. We do know that petting too much in certain areas can cause hormonal issues but...
  3. KiwiPo

    What are some essential tricks/training for a bird?

    We have been doing target training, step ups, and recall?( not sure if that’s the right word but just flying to our hands)What are some useful or essential things we should teach him?? Also when do you know when a bird has mastered a trick? When he no longer needs to see a treat? Also for...
  4. KiwiPo


    Idk how to upload videos on here but we noticed that for his age of a little over 7 weeks he is a great flyer! Here is a link to my Instagram story! I’m on private but if you can’t view my story I will put it to public for a couple hours...
  5. CosmoKram

    Teach bird to enjoy flying?

    Hey. I was wondering if there is a way to teach your bird to fly for fun? My cockatiel is a bit over a year old and came to me with a narly clip job. He has been able to fly for a while now, between 3-6 months and he is a very strong flyer. But he only ever flies to get to me, if he is scared or...
  6. Skyandkiwi

    How’s often should I do training with my birds and give treats

    Hello! So I like to train my birds various tricks, and obviously reward them with millet. But I what to know, how’s often should I be training them and giving them treats, and how long should we each session take. (I have budgies) Thanks in advance!!
  7. Grigals

    What are your conures favourite treats??

    Hi everyone!! I'm new here, thanks to everyone who said hello i feel very welcome here:) Ive been having a tough time finding a treat/training food my GCC is interested in. I've tried giving him different kinds of nuts(almonds, cashews, walnuts, pine nuts), seeds(sunflower seeds, safflower...