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  1. Broguy

    Pest Control vs Air Purifiers?

    Hello, I had a cockatiel about a year ago that passed and I (think) I figured out what it was from. Which was hypothermia due to the heat cutting off :( Anyways, I’m currently doing research on ways to keep birds warm but primarily focusing on if I should get another. I’d like a conure, but I’m...
  2. lisazartsi

    Dangers to Conures (and other birds)

    Hi friends! I'm prepping to bring a new, beautiful baby pineapple GCC home in about four weeks (adopted from a safe/trusted source) and I want to make sure I've cleansed my home of anything super toxic or dangerous before he arrives. We'll be living in a two-bedroom apartment for the next...
  3. Birdie Boyzz

    How long do I wait to air out the house after using things toxic to birds before I get my birds back

    So we got new hardwood floors, and of course being parrot owner I check in to see what products they are using. They are using a glue that I have researched is bad for birds bc of fumes and they used paint thinner on the floors (more fumes) all of the windows are open all throughout the house...
  4. AMidnightSoul

    Eight Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

    Hi all, I've ordered an Eight Sleep memory foam mattress that will be arriving within the next few weeks. Since it's memory foam, it'll have some off-gassing in the beginning. It's CertiPUR-US certified and is rated as low-VOC. (Safety statements here: Certifications & Air Quality). Searching...