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  1. J

    HELP! I need to switch my cockatiel to another pellet.

    My cockatiel's about a year old. She just laid 3 eggs, I believe she will lay more. (She has no mate, there is no dark places for her to be stimulated) I have seen her mating with a toy, and i thought it was just her hormones (She usually does that when she has her hormones). But when it was a...
  2. J

    bird refuses new food..help!!

    my gcc has been on a diet of zupreem natural pellets and chop basically since i got her (about 5 months). she really likes the pellets and tolerates the chop (more so if i add egg food or a small dollop of unsweeted apple sauce). the problem is i found out that pellets that have the main...
  3. AkasyaEllric

    TOPs Birdie Bread

    Has anyone tried this yet? I know it's relatively new, but I'm almost out and saw it when I was checking prices for my normal bread, Harrison's. I'm also wondering if anyone knows whats in the Mediterranean flavor since I can't seem to find ingredients on any of the flavors anywhere.
  4. Barnaby Rose

    New Bird, New Species - need some advice please!

    Hey guys... Ok, so I am about ready to bring Oliver home (a brand new baby Timneh African Grey), and although they may seem stupid, I have some quick general questions. So right now we only have one parrot, Emma, and she is an Eclectus, so her diet is very specific. No seeds, no nuts, no millet...
  5. RedCarpetEclectus


    For weeks I have been searching for a relatively cheap way to buy TOPS parrot food in Australia, and I have found the holy grail!! http://parrotdiseperch.com/east/totally-organic-pellets This site is in Canada and their international shipping to Australia is really cheap if you go for...