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tail feather

  1. N

    What’s wrong with his tail feathers?

    Hi! I’m thinking of buying this pineapple conure from a local store, however I noticed his tail feathers don’t seem okay :( Does anyone know why they’re like this? Is he plucking? Sick? Is his cage too small there and he’s getting injured? Will they grow back? Will he be okay? :(
  2. marsleey

    Plucked Tail Feather?

    I was playing with her and she went to preen herself and a split second later her tail feather came out! I don’t know if this is a plucked feather or not. Please help! (She looks so bald without her tail feather wah) She has already molted in April - May this year so I’m not sure if this is...
  3. K

    Quaker Plucks?

    Hello, I bought Taro (now 10-11 months) at a pet store. I was told that he had bitten off one of his toe because of the stress of moving into the store. Knowing this I still got him and hadn’t had issues with anything until now. He has been plucking his tail feathers?? I found one feather on the...
  4. C

    My friend completely cut off this bird's tail

    I fell in love with cockatiels after meeting my friend's bird. She had completely cut this bird's tail, primaries, and secondaries. I read up on cockatiels, including this forum, and learned how wrong that can be. I convinced her to let her grow out the bird's feathers. However, we recently go...
  5. Gokha

    Tail length

    Hi everyone! Before creating a thread I tried researching on this topic, but didn’t really find anything. At what age ringnecks usually get their full length tail? Here’s a bribe :D
  6. Scarlet&Annie

    Is this normal for the feather shaft?

    I saw her tail shafts looks funny. I'm not sure if this is normal or not. She WILL NOT hold still for me to look at it look enough. I'm super frustrated and concerned. What is normal for the tail feather shaft anyways? Google provided me with no answers. Sorry for the meh photos, it was...