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  1. hrafn

    911 Taco may be dying **UPDATE** Taco is NOT dying

    A moment ago, a car backfired on the street while Taco was playing on top of his cage, and he leapt into the air in shock and flew head-first into the wall. He seemed fine (if a little dazed) when I picked him up, and he asked to go back into his cage, as he always does when he gets hurt or...
  2. hrafn

    Video Kisses!

    Caught this on camera by accident while we were playing. He loves leaning in when I make kissy noises, but he pressed his big ol' beak right into mine. :D Probably just a one-off before I keep my distance because I don't need a nose piercing, but isn't this boy just the cutest? Excuse the bad...
  3. hrafn

    Video I think there's someone at the door!

    Hello? Who is it? :D (Aka "excuse me, just because I'm on my sleep perch and I've been beak grinding for an hour and I tucked my beak back into my feathers, that doesn't mean its time for bed; open that door!") :rolleyes:
  4. hrafn

    Video Splish splash I was takin a bath

    My birdies are getting bolder! Taco's fear of water has been a crippling issue since I brought him home, but today he decided to take a bath in his bowl! :bathtime: My abused, phobic fids have come so far in such a short amount of time. I'm beyond proud! :swoon:
  5. hrafn

    Pictures Does Mr Taco need a beak trim?

    I'm still a big ol' dunce when it comes to macaws, so maybe I'm overreacting and Taco's beak is a-ok, but it looks pretty long to me so I thought I'd consult the macaw squad. :D
  6. hrafn

    Video Taco demands scritches!

  7. hrafn

    They have had ENOUGH!

    For some absolutely inexplicable reason, though it is half past one in the morning, some random teenager was just standing out on the street for a good twenty minutes rapping on a snare drum like he was on a military drumline. :arghh: Poor Taco woke up a few minutes ago and started to protest...
  8. hrafn

    The worst email I've ever been sent.

    About thirty seconds ago, a notification came up on my phone about an email I'd been sent, titled "About Taco". The name wasn't familiar, but since I had corresponded with Taco's old owners through Kijiji I knew they'd have my email, so I assumed it was from them. As it turns out, it was from a...
  9. hrafn


    On the cage that Taco came with when I got him, there was a huge hole cut out of one side for the nest box (which I immediately got rid of). I kept it "hidden" from Taco by clamping a blanket around it, which has been working fine until today. I just got home, and Taco was sitting on top of his...
  10. hrafn

    What is this weirdo doing