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  1. Jxdeeyy

    Giving budgie medicine... again

    So, one of my budgies wasn’t very well and I took her to the vets. I’ve been prescribed 2 medicines and have been told I can give her them in her food if it’s too hard to syringe feed her. She’s been eating her pellets and her spinach from my hand after I’ve put the medicine in/on the food...
  2. J

    Urgent Help please, 5-week-old baby pineapple conure won't syringe feed

    Just yesterday, I got a 5-week-old pineapple conure from a local breeder. Before I brought her home, the breeder told me to give her a syringe of formula around 8pm. When 8pm arrived, I prepared her formula, (the temp was about 38-39° celcius), put in in a 10mL syringe, and introduced the...
  3. MacawXena

    Urgent Macaw respiratory illness or hormonal?

    I'm a Swede living in Bali and animal welfare here is.... under standards to say the least. I came across a Macaw and decided to buy her as she was just sitting on a tiny chain 24/7. Got her 5 days ago, the owner says she is 3 years old. So, the owner has fed her with baby food via a syringe...
  4. Zara

    Video The princess eating her breakfast

    I made this video 4 days ago and forgot to post it :facepalm: She loves her formula so much, but if I try to touch her she gets dramtic about it. She wants to eat from the syringe all on her own. She is 18 weeks old and has formula twice a day. (Yes I have stuffed toys, I addressed it in...
  5. Alliusis

    Alternate to syringe - oral liquid meds for budgies

    Hello everyone! I got back from my vet visit last night for Lemon and Baxter. They have been unusually sleepy throughout the day, with mild tail bobbing, and Baxter has some discharge above his nares. They also have slightly inflamed crops. My avian vet gave me some liquid antibiotics to...
  6. Pamela C

    Anyone have a bird prescribed Gabapentin?

    Hello All, My male lovebird was recently prescribed Gabapentin by the vet to try to help with his plucking issues. He has been on this approximately a week at .01 ml 2x a day. I haven't really seen any improvements or side effects and my vet had discussed bumping up the dosage over the next...