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  1. S


    i'm getting my birdies soon and i need a good carrier to bring them home in (and take them to vet visits later). I currently have one I used for my budgie, it's about 8 by 12 inches, 10 inches high. Would that be safe to put my tiels in just for the ride home from the shelter? And when I do...
  2. Frogpasta

    HELP!! Running out of pellets!

    hello everyone! i’ve run into a hefty problem...because of covid ( i feel like i’m saying that sentence all the time ) i am unable to ship Harrison’s pellets from the USA to Australia. does anyone know of any suppliers inside of Australia? or perhaps something i could get here that is just as...
  3. LydiaB

    Best types of wood and rope for bird toys?

    So recently I've been working on re-making my birds favorite toy that has been discontinued in every store I've looked at and I'm trying to figure out what wood types would be best to use. I'll include an image of the toy that I'm recreating so you can all get a better idea of what it looks like...
  4. EmmaAndEiffel

    No parrot suppliers in Ireland

    I'm not sure where the right is place for this thread, I'm living in Ireland and due to the UK leaving the EU no parrot suppliers are delivering to Ireland, we do not have a parrot supply store here we only have regular pet stores with a "bird section" that's mostly for budgies, canaries and...
  5. cassiophys

    Donating Supplies

    Sorry if this isn't the right place for this, I'm still getting the lay of the land. :ashamed3: My baby tiel passed away on Thursday and another 44 oz bag of her pellets is coming in soon. I don't want it to go to waste. If anyone knows a rescue, sanctuary, or home (preferably in Southwest...