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  1. beingmahdi

    Sun conure finger problem

    Hi I have noticed that my 2.5-month old Sun Conure bird has curved fingers. and it cannot properly grip the perches or my finger. Is there a likelihood of those fingers being repaired? I would like to seek advice from experts regarding this matter. Thanks in advance
  2. xbabybree

    Toy Suggestions for my GC Conure

    I'm a very new conure owner, and I desperately need some help! My Pineapple GCC, Applejack, seems to not be interested in any of her toys. I know she is still warming up to our home and her cage. She does play with a few types of toys, but I am looking for suggestions on what other toy types...
  3. ziggylemon

    Looking for bird safe Air Fryers!

    Hello! I'm new on here. I'm mostly looking for some suggestions or maybe some people to vouch for the fryers I have dug up. I very much trust a follow bird owner to tell me that their product is safe, than a listing on line. ANYWAY XD If you have an airfryer that you use in the same home as your...
  4. B

    Need advice on bird bath

    My Java Rice Finches have decided their water dish is their bathtub and they bathe daily. So I bought a birdbath thing I can attach to the side of their cage, less invasive than sticking my hands in all the time to take it out and put it in. Problem is, they won't touch it, not even close. Their...
  5. maounm

    Guess GW age

    How old does my macaw looks?
  6. maounm

    Pellets selection for baby GW

    Hello everyone i have these pellets available in my country please recommend one for my 16 weeks old GW macaw. nutriblend by vetafarm Psittacus Omega Macaw nuts vetafarm Tropican high performance pellets Psiitacus omega has the highest amount of fat and proteins and he is currently on psittacus...
  7. J

    Which bird is right for me?

    I am here to ask a question that general information has yet to answer, what bird should I get? Just know this is not happening right now but I plan to in the future, hopefully near future. Here’s what I want: -Smaller bird(I have plenty of cages already of all sizes, just don’t want a big...
  8. N

    Help? New owner of budgies

    Hello, I’m new to Avian Avenue! I recently got two budgies who a little over a year old (male and female) I’ve noticed that they keep fluffing up their feathers here and others and occasionally itching/picking at their feathers. They also sneeze here and there. They’re eating fine and they’re...
  9. ConureMom95

    Preening and Pin feathers help!

    Recently adopted a rescue African Grey. It’s been a lot of work but I’ve finally gotten him to trust me enough to cuddle and give scratches. The problem now is the absurd amount of pin feathers on his head and neck! It’s been awhile since he’s had any body close enough to work on those babies...
  10. W

    Paired birds, one plucking the other

    Hello, I have a 6 month old Jenday Conure(Mango, wings clipped) and a 3 month old Female Sun Conure (Zazu,flighted) They are caged separately and supervised when they are out together. They preen each other, the Jenday conure seems to try and feed the Sun Conure without regurgitating, one...
  11. Kestrel

    New cage setup, open to suggestions!

    Hello fellow bird nerds! So I am actually waiting on a replacement part because the top of my Prevue Hendryx cage is not fitting correctly (you can see its wonky in the photos) but I thought I would go ahead and play around with "stuff" placement anyway. I'm still working on getting some...
  12. D

    Affectionate bird suggestions?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post ever, I'm excited to have found this website! My husband and I just got our first IRN last week, she is about 3 months old and has so much personality. We originally got a bird so I could have a companion as I work at home and hate being alone! After doing our...
  13. G

    Alexandrine parrot advice needed :)

    Hi everyone.my name is glen and I love in Halifax Ns. I joined this site as I would love some advice / information about alexandrine parrots. My wife and I are looking to have our first pet bird. We have had other pets thought out the years and currently still have a very relaxed cat who...