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  1. G

    Seed & Sprouts Help!

    Can sprouted seeds fully replace normal dry seed mix in my bird's daily diet? It seems to me to be perfectly fine; better and healthier even. But I'd still like other people's opinions and knowledge. Thanks so much!
  2. P

    quick sprouts question about when they are good to eat

    Hey all, I've given sprouts to my bird before and she loves them, the batch im currently making (lentils, mung beans, and adzuki beans) was a little faster to grow than the others I've made so some of the mung bean sprouts have little leaves, is that still okay to give to her? Like are the...
  3. Joe Henderson


    after the initial 8 hr soak they stunkkk bad not like usual did another batch same deal,, after I rinse them a few times they are fine and sprouted out after two days also fine , should I dump them because of the stink after the first soak
  4. Joe Henderson


    when sprouts are done on there last rinse do you rinse let sit for half the day then put in fridge or do you rinse then put in fridge right away , my question is do you rinse. At the very end
  5. N

    Help/guidance needed with feeding my newly adopted foursome of budgies

    I'm new to budgies and this group and already am so grateful this exists and that you all share so much of your knowledge and experience! I adopted 4 adult budgies and am not breeding them fyi. They've been on an all seed diet and confined to a pretty small cage as far as I know. So I bought a...
  6. HeatherD

    Bird food measurements?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before, I tried to search but didn't come up with anything. Does anyone have any resources for the amounts of certain foods that should be fed to pet birds? For example, the diet of an eclectus is specialized enough that you often find detailed information...
  7. charlieboy

    V for Victory on Veggies! (And a Question on Sprouts)

    Tonight Charlie ate boiled green beans AND sprouts!! What a time to be alive! :dance4: I'm so proud of him :) (Please excuse the music covering my mom scolding me for not finishing my plate yet lol!) By the way, is there any kind of sprouts you shouldn't feed to your bird, and are all the...
  8. B

    Sprouted Lentils

    I read from lots of sources that sprouted seeds and grains are an excellent source of nutrition for birds so I got straight to work on sprouting my own! Then my sister came along and reminded me that the lentils I was sprouting were a source of protein!! I don't think it's as much as in eggs...
  9. AkasyaEllric


    Does anyone else love the way they smell? I find myself sniffing the jar through the whole process after the initial soak. I'm glad I finally found a mix both I and the fids enjoy also.
  10. ThePeepingEgg

    Sprouting Seeds - which do you grow?

    I'm an avid gardener and would love to grow some healthy things for my Conures. So, my question of course is, what are some excellent things to sprout for them, what should I stay away from, how often should I offer them sprouted seeds, etc. ? I garden organically by the way. I myself like...