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  1. S

    Urgent!!! Sun Conure Baby unable to stand up

    I recently got a sun conure baby claimed to be 3-4 months old from a breeder who was unable to take care of it as it couldn't stand up. He told me that it should be fed twice a day but I noticed that that wasn't enough and now I'm feeding it thrice a day. I got it to the only vet who was...
  2. C

    Splayed Leg?

    I hope this was the right spot to post in. I noticed a splayed leg budgie up in Kijiji in my area. I've got an extra cage (Might not be the best cage for a splayed leg but could work until I could get the best one possible for the baby) and the time. I stay at home all day. I have a Lovebird and...
  3. T

    Urgent My baby birds have a splayed leg issue and weird yellow poop. Please help!

    Good evening! I have recently been fostering 2 baby egrets (I think they are egrets. not sure) who were found on the road. I was planning on releasing them in the wild once they grew up. But now they both seemed to have developed splay legs issue. They also have weird yellowish poop which...
  4. J

    Splayed Leg Dove

    Hi all! My name is Justice and i am new to forums so please bare with me. I am going tomorrow to pick up a ringneck dove who has a splayed leg. She is about 2 months old and someone in my town dumped her at a local shelter. I have cared for ringneck doves, have 3 currently, however, I have never...
  5. T

    Urgent Is that a splayed leg ???

    Hi everyone, I have this baby quaker (34 days) and I’m wondering if he’s having a splayed legs ? Or that’s their normal standing in this age ? He can walk on the carpet and any rough surface but the legs separates a little bit and become wide but he can walk for a distance with no problems...
  6. Zara

    Splayed legs 101 - What is it? How to fix it?

    What is it? Spraddle leg, also known as splayed leg(s), is a condition where the legs of a chick are sticking outwards and the chick is not able to support it´s own body weight. A chicks legs should sit vertically under the body and not at an angle. What causes it? Insufficient bedding in the...