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space heater

  1. Mason and Kiwi

    What are your reccomended Oil based heaters?

    Hello everyone! I finally moved to Washington with Kiwi. We are planning on doing an entire room for her with platforms, ropes, toys hanging, basically her own playroom. However the room we are re-doing obviously gets chilly. The safest heaters are the oil based radiator heaters, but I'd like...
  2. chondlr

    safe heating for bird room??

    It’s been getting really chilly this winter more so then before so for the first time I’ve been looking into getting a indoor heater. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/de-longhi-1000w-radia-s-oil-column-heater.html currently thinking of this one as I saw these electric oil heaters in other...
  3. M

    Can i use this heater my bird room

    can this type heater safe for bird?can i used it my bird room?
  4. M

    Which Room Heater I Use For Birds???

    Hi, I want to know about Heat lamp for parakeet. Which heat bulb or lamp is best for parakeets??? Can I use normal room heater for them or only I should use infrared heat lamp or bulb??? Many bird shop's owner suggest me to use this (see pictures) Does using this infrared heaters or...
  5. Scarlet&Annie

    Do either of these contain teflon?

    My grandpa has one of these but a larger one, does it contain teflon? Can my birdy be out in the living room not too close to it? (Just realized I cannot post photos... It's a, Warm Morning brand gas stove.) The room I'm in is very chilly and I also have a space heater, does it contain...