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  1. C

    Behavior change

    Hi! I’ve had my alexandrine parrot for 4 months now . Lately I took him on a 2-week trip in order to not leave him alone . The last few days he’s less active and his beak changed to a light pink from a vivid red color. the house I’m staying in belonged to a smoker is that the problem? I don’t...
  2. TheCrows

    Coconut has a Cyst, can I save Her leg??

    Hello guys ! I have been an avid reader of Avian Avenue for a few years but this time, I had to make an account because I need help. My 2 year old Peach-faced Lovebird Coconut has had a cyst on her leg since early December 2022. It's at a hidden spot underneath her leg and it keeps getting...
  3. C

    Please help, my bird is scared of hands

    i really want help with an issue i’ve had for the last couple og months. i know the things i’ve had to do is very bad, and i feel like a terrible bird owner, ond day my bird (1 year Old cockatiel) decided that she didn’t wanna get back in her cage so i unfortunately had my mom put her back in...
  4. T

    Strange Behavior?

    Hello all, I recently got back from a weekend trip with my roommate (we were safe and only 30 minutes from home, not meeting with anyone yadda yadda yadda). My parents were watching my GCC while we were gone. We were gone for two nights. When I came back home, my mother explained to me that my...