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society finch

  1. Rekillkos

    Some dream specie

    I finally got a pair of Gouldian finches, these guys have been on my list for years. I plan on getting some owl finches too. In the pictures are cutthroat, zebra, society, and gouldian. As well as my Java Rice sparrow, Kobayashi.
  2. F

    Zebra & Society Finch Compatible Companions?

    Hello Everyone, I am new here, and I was guided here by @Atomiklan to seek out some advice regarding his society finch, Atticus, and my zebra finch, Boo. I have a fair amount of experience with birds, having raised a couple of wild birds and also rehabbing several abused/neglected parakeets. A...
  3. Atomiklan

    Pictures Interesting nest situation

    So I went ahead and let Charlie & Emma nest. I am not going to re-explain or justify my reasons. You can read about them in my last post here: Charlie & Emma | Avian Avenue Parrot Forum Things have developed into a rather strange situation and I'm curious if anyone has experienced this before or...
  4. AFBates

    Limping Society Finch

    Hi there, I have a year-old society finch, and a week ago I noticed him favoring one leg. He hurt that leg 10 months ago but made a full recovery, with the exception of sitting rather low and splayed. I isolated him for a few days so he'd rest a bit, but he still has trouble standing with the...