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  1. Lucario223

    Sudden aggressive hormonal behaviour

    Hi, Kiwi and Luna are my two lovebirds. Kiwi is the oldest of the two and has lived most of his life in solitude not having interacted much with other birds. That is why he bonded strongly with me and when I decided to give him a new companion things started rough. They were kept in separate...
  2. B

    Unsocialized Ringneck

    I have a Ringneck. I got her from a bad situation at a pet store- she was sick, had a severely imbedded ankle band and severe clipped wings. She was at the petstore for 7months and I’m assuming with little to no contact (they just kept transferring her to different sister stores trying to sell...
  3. Beakz

    Macaw Socialization tips

    I have a 8 month old scarlet macaw , she loves me, mostly because I’m the only one at home who spends time with her, when my parents or sisters go to touch her she doesn’t like it and will squak or even fly away. She’s always placed the in dinner so she can see all of us, and we take her to our...
  4. Rei.dot

    I’m going on vacation(kinda)

    So I’ll be traveling for the next three weeks and so I need to decide on the best place for Yuki since I won’t be able to bring her along. She could either stay at my apartment with my sister to watch her or she could go to my parents . My sister would also be working during the day so...
  5. Cosette Gagne

    Conure Biting Issue

    My GCC is a biting fiend. He does it in a friendly manner with me but with my boyfriend he gets aggressive. Like when he took him out of the cage today without me here, he lunged straight at his fingers instead of the treat he had in his fingers. He will never lunge at me... But my boyfriend...
  6. D

    Unique housing situation, can’t make a decision!

    Hey everyone! I joined the forum today to get advice as to which bird will be my next.. I had a cockatiel (Chi) until January 29, 2016 that was truly the love of my life. She was the cuddliest cockatiel I have ever known - we did everything together. It was heartbreaking when she passed away...
  7. birdashes

    Socializing my parrot

    Hi! I could use some advice. I'm getting really nervous about Val ( my RB2 ) heading into hormones - even though I'm still quite far way from the real deal ( he's only a one and a half). He's already showing aggression to people that aren't me ( and me, when I don't do what he wants) . He got...
  8. Noah

    Wanting cage-mate for Green Cheek. Advice?

    Okay, so I have a Green Cheek Conure (cinnamon variety) and he's about a year old. We wanted to get him a cage mate, but there are a few problems. We aren't entirely sure about his sex. There's a rumor that females have pink feet and males have black feet. He has pink feet. There's another one...
  9. rielle

    (Long read) Ringneck Situation

    hi there! i'm new to the site and to bird handling, but i have a bit of an issue with my first bird. we've (my dad and i) been looking for a bird for a while now, and i saw a cute, supposedly hand reared bird on gumtree. the man said it was three weeks old, but it has all of its feathers...
  10. Ittybit

    Proper Socialization

    Hello everyone, I'm bringing home a baby Meyers in a few weeks and I'm sure I'll have lots of posts before long, but here's my first question: what does "proper socialization" look like? Is it exposing to lots of different things, places, situations, and people with positive reinforcement? I...