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so cute!

  1. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures Blizzard

    Blizzard came home yesterday! So cute! Some questions: 1. How long should I quarantine? (Kiwi and Blizzard were both bred, raised, and sold at the same store, this store would not intentionally sell you a sick bird and all parrots are hand-raised.) 2. Blizzard has five clipped...
  2. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures The New Budgie

    The new budgie! Coming on August 22nd! (He's still being handfed) Photo: Some Questions I have: 1. Do I need to quarentine it? (He's from the same store as Kiwi) 2. What do I do if it's a female? 3. How soon should I introduce Kiwi and Newbie? (I will call it Newbie until we choose a name)...