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  1. S

    Urgent Cockatiel Sinus? Post Nasal drip??

    For the past year, my cockatiel has been exhibiting these weird wet exhale / hiccup episodes. Lasting a few minutes. Always resolve on their own. please see video here:Cockatiel sinus?? And here:cockatiel sinus I have taken him to numerous avian vets. One said it’s most likely post nasal...
  2. Joe Henderson

    Sola balls make my budgie sneeze

    Should. I still give it to him he loves. Them, But when he’s ripping. It apart he sneezes multiple times in a row
  3. S


    I've been monitoring my cockatiel for a week. He seems to sneeze occasionally when he preens, or while asleep. Maybe a couple of times a day. He also does this weird exhale with his mouth for maybe 3-4 times, happened about twice this past week. Vet says this all could be dander and dust, hard...
  4. PippinLovebird

    Sneezing At Night...

    Hey! So I have a female cockatiel almost a year old. She is happy and healthy! At least, I believe she is... The only thing is at night time she always sneezes about 4 times in a row some nights more some nights less but 4 is usually what it is. I normally cover her cage but its summer so my...
  5. Scarlet&Annie

    Bird sneezed a bunch..Should I be worried?

    My conure was sneezing several times earlier which worried me. She was eating some of her seed and sneezed once then got off her bowl and she was like doing something similar to when they're tired and content and they make the that chewing noise. It was similar to that but without that...
  6. issajoy

    Screaming before Sneezing

    Hi everybirdie! This is Ollie. She's a sweet baby girl, she's 9 months old now and I can't believe it! She loves to play and eats well, and really overall is very well behaved. But for some reason, every time she has to sneeze, she will SCREAM before hand! It's so strange, I'm not sure...