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sleep room

  1. charlieboy

    Charlie HATES his new sleeping cage!!

    Welp, not sure where I went wrong, but I definitely did something because he just won't go in his sleeping cage!! He is already used to the cage, he loves going outdoors in it, but when its to sleep or even just while I clean his main cage its a whole other story. I've also tried to get him...
  2. WallyCockatiel


    I have been looking almost over the internet for the bed in this video below but have found no luck. Please if anyone’s knows where to get it from tell me! Link: Thanks in advance! :)
  3. parsaxyz

    Weird sleeping habit GCC

    HI AGAIN I'm sorry in advance to opening up new threads to ask questions, but I tried finding the answer but had no luck My GCC likes to cling to the side of the cage to sleep for some reason, I've had him for 7 months and he's been this way for as long as I've had him, so it's not a concern...
  4. H

    Quiet room for birds?

    I read an article on parrots, as I usually do, but then it mentioned sleep rooms for parrots. While I don't remember it saying that it was necessary, I remember people saying that they do give their parrots a designated place to sleep. Huh. I haven't thought about where to put my future bird at...