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sleep cage

  1. ktluvszoe

    Accidentally left lovebird without fresh water for 8 hours!!

    Hello, I had an accident today where I forgot to give my lovebird water for 8 hours. I need to know signs to watch out for that she’s in danger. Online says she would be good without water for 3 days but I just want to make sure she’s well cared for. I recently switched my bird to a new larger...
  2. lifeofLUMI

    A place to sleep

    I have been placing my quaker in a seperate room with cage to sleep for 1 month. The last two days she wants to stay up with us in living room. She is calm but I am worried she will not be sleeping well and it will be disruptive. She currently sleeps 12 hours in other room but would lose 4+...
  3. ktluvszoe

    Newbie, single lovebird needs cage

    Newbie here! Apologies if cages have already been discussed endlessly, I’ve been checking the forums on Google and a lot of cages seem to no longer be sold or links are broken and I’m frantic here. I was gifted a baby lovebird in wayyy too small a cage and I am desperate to get her something...