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  1. R

    1 week home quiet female tiel

    Hi, seeking some advice - first tiel. We are 1 week in, she is so quiet. Doesn’t really have any excitement to her. She will come to hand and come out of her cage. Sometimes we get a contact call but otherwise we haven’t heard anything out of her. When she came she was cradling her leg but with...
  2. Ketsune

    Shy Cockatiel taming advice

    Hello everyone, i need some advice in taming my new cockatiel , i got her around two weeks (breeder said she is from this year probably around mai) and she still acts extremely nervous around anyone, she doesn't get out of her cage not even if i leave the room and she tends to be either in a...
  3. E

    Cockatiel too scared and shy what do i do?

    Hi , im new to the bird keeping world, i am transitioning from fish keeping to birds. I had just bought a 3 month old cinnamon cockatiel which i believe is a female because of the barred tail and kind of faint red cheeks. anyway She Is really timid and scared, she does not move from the branch...
  4. Emily&coco

    Adopted the lovely miss Coco!!!

    Hello everyone! its my first time posting here! after a TON of research and much waiting I've finally adopted my first green cheek conure! The previous owner unfortunetly could no longer give her the time she needed, but I could tell she was really heartbroken to give her up and that coco was...
  5. Heyit'sChaney


    I have a pineapple banded conure, he's three years old and I got him from a nice lady on craigslist. He will stand on my shoulder no problem but I can't pet him because he shies away from hands and fingers. If he doesn't shy away than he bites, I'm not sure how to stop this behavior and how to...
  6. L

    Is this normal for cockatiels? (first timer here...)

    This is a long post, to see direct questions, go to the TLDR section in the end. I also apologize in case of typos and misspelled words, I'm european. :ashamed1: April 20th, a bit over a month ago, I got my first birds ever. Two male cockatiels, :tieln:Topi (10yr old) and :tiel4:Masa (not...