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sexing budgies

  1. 1

    How To Sex A Baby Budgie

    Right, so recently, I bought myself a third budgie bird (couldn't help myself!). He was said to be a male (three months old), but upon closer examination, I saw an anomaly! He has a deeper blue colour around the bottom edges of his cere, which fades into a really light, almost pastel, green...
  2. Lyndsay

    Newbie Here...would love some input

    Hi, All! I’m a new Budgie owner as of a few days ago. (Couldn’t be more excited!!!!) My 12yr old daughter actually became one a few weeks back as well. Anyways, since google only helps so much and I feel like I’m more confused after doing some research on the internet, I would be so grateful if...
  3. Squiggles

    Sexing a Parakeet.

    I just joined here today. :) I adopted a parakeet from my work not long ago that was severely bullied by the other birds. At the time he had no butt feathers. :( I ended up nursing him back and then started to bond with him at work. After that I ended up just taking him home. Unfortunatly I am...
  4. I

    Sexing Lutino Budgies

    Hi, I recently bought a Lutino budgie. Can anyone please tell me what is the sex of this lutino budgie. I want to bring a partner for this budgie as soon as possible. I think its male as the cere looks light pink but I want to be sure.